While small can be charming and cozy, most of us wouldn’t mind increasing the size of our small kitchen. Smart storage, tones and lighting has the power to transform a tiny kitchen into a smart living space! We’ve gathered a few tips to help you enhance your small kitchen whether you’re renovating, doing a complete gut-job or just looking to refresh!

1 Small Kitchen Storage

Storage is the number one concern in small kitchens! Where do you put all those pots and pans?

Our experts suggest that you display what you can, but don’t go overboard, one or two open shelves can add a ton of visual appeal and open up the space. You can rotate what you display based on season or your mood.

Take the essentials off your counter top! Hang what you can from the bottom of cabinets or shelves to create a clean open counter space.

Add a bench if possible! A little nook can be the perfect multitasking space! A social hub, place to eat and storage!

Small Kitchen Nook
A small kitchen nook adds seating and storage.

Small Kitchen Storage

2 Small Kitchen Color

Your small kitchen doesn’t have to be a boring space! Keep your tones on the lighter side and play with up to three shades of the color you choose. If you’re feeling extra bold go for a two tones design! Two toned kitchens add visual depth, draw the eye up to the ceiling and give your small kitchen some personality!

Another way to add space is by choosing high gloss paint and surfaces to reflect as much light as possible! Bring it all together with hardware that shows off your personality. Gold tones can do wonders for light kitchens!

Small Kitchen Design
Two Toned Kitchen Design

3 Small Kitchen Lighting

A lighting plan in small kitchens is absolutely essential! While many owners opt for traditional ambient light, experts agree that layering light maximizes the space and efficiency of a kitchen. When you layer light you’re playing with three main components:

  1. Ambient light, which is your basic diffused glow from recess lighting.
  2. Accent light, which is track lighting or sconces that tie the design of the space together.
  3. Task lighting which directs light to work surfaces such as the sink and stove.

By utilizing the three layers of lighting you are creating a versatile environment that is always up to the task!

Small Kitchen Design
Small Kitchen Under Cabinet Task Lighting


Small kitchens can cause a lot of headaches and stubbed toes, but there is always a workaround! Keep your design simple and really think about what you’d like your kitchen to do for you. Don’t give up on your small space and remember that the experts at MBG Solutions, Inc., are always available to help!


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