Bathroom design can be the bane of your homes existence or a shot at creating a smart space tasked to handle all of your morning routine needs. The average bathroom in the U.S. is 5 x 8, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for that claw foot soaker tub you’ve been dreaming of. A small bathroom shouldn’t skimp on design!

1 Float Your Vanity To Elevate Your Bathroom Design (we had to)

The first thing you’re going to want to do is install as much storage as possible – after all, the more cabinets the better right? While a bulky vanity can add storage for toilet paper or extra towels, the same can be achieved with a wall mount sink. By freeing up the floor you are adding square footage to a space that needs all it can get. Keep your essentials organized by adding floating shelves underneath!

Small bathroom design ideas
Photographer: Michael Graydon
Source: House & Home March 2013 Issue
Products: Towels, Elte
Designer: Mazen El-Abdallah

2 Vanity Mirror Tricks

Skip the usual rectangle and go for oval! This bathroom design option appears to draw upwards making ceiling seem taller and the space larger.

Oval Vanity mirror
Kensington Pivot Oval Mirror

3 Add A Ledge

Add a ledge underneath your vanity mirror to organize things that would otherwise be scattered all over the counter. A small ledge adds visual appeal and functionality. Most of all this design option doesn’t clutter the vanity and doesn’t take up precious floor space!

Bathroom Design
Photo Credit: SF Girl by Bay

4 Smart Lighting

Don’t make lighting an afterthought in your bathroom design! Plan lighting around tasks that you perform in your bathroom. The vanity is a huge one! The most common place we see the light is right above the mirror, but this can create harsh shadows and make grooming a pain. Flank the mirror with lights to create cross lighting, which doesn’t cast unwanted shadows. Next place a flush mount or recessed lighting in the shower or tub area. Finally, a smart bathroom design will also utilize under-mount or tape lighting to illuminate areas that appear dark, such as under the sink.

11 Howard Hotel 

5 Get Rid Of Your Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are fun, but not in small spaces. Your bathroom design should incorporate clear glass doors that open up the space! Rather than blocking off a section of your bathroom the eye can travel obstacle free.

Glass Shower Doors

6 Shower Cubbies

Don’t waste precious space by adding a bulky shower caddy! Incorporate shower alcoves to create a visually appealing and functional statement. Shower alcoves can add a pop of color while keeping your shower essentials off the floor! The result, a clean space you’d actually be happy to use!

Bathroom Design Shower Cubbies
Shower Cubbie

7 Don’t Break Up the Space

You can run your bathroom floor tile right into the shower! By not interrupting the space you are creating the illusion of more square footage.

Bathroom Design
Uninterrupted bathroom tile throughout

8 Large Floor Tiles

When choosing tile for your bathroom design, opt for something on the larger side. Consequently smaller tiles can create a busy look making a small space feel more cluttered. In addition to larger tiles, ask your contractor for smaller grout lines for a cleaner look.

Bathroom Design
Large Bathroom Tile With Small Grout Lines

Don’t give up on your small spaces! Smart bathroom design can maximize space, make a statement and create a beautiful luxurious experience! Our team of experts is always up for a challenge!

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