Water damage can hit a home or business fairly quickly and the process of clean up often depends on the type of water that enters the structure. Procedures and safety protocols vary in intensity according to three different categories of flooding: Category 1, Category 2 and Category 3. Our technicians are trained to handle water damage, but it’s important for home and business owners to understand the clean-up process to ensure that everything is properly restored. Below you’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of water damage, procedures and protocols.

Category 1: Clean Water Damage

Category 1 – water white or clean. This sort of water comes from an overflowing sink, broken water supply line or damaged faucet. Although white water may be harmless it can be dangerous to pets if it contains detergents. Category 1 water can quickly become Category 2 water after 48 hours. The longer water sits the higher chance it has of being contaminated, which is why rapid response for cleanup is crucial.

Category 2: Grey Water Damage

Grey water, also known as wastewater, can come from sinks, dishwashers, showers, bathtubs and washing machines. This category hasn’t come into contact with human or animal waste products, but can, and often does, contain other contaminants that can be harmful to people and pets. Most often grey water flooding occurs when an appliance malfunctions, which is why we recommend that making sure that appliance maintenance isn’t put on the back burner. Contaminants in grey water may include, but are not limited to:

Soap and other cleaning agents

Grease and food residue



Category 2 water can become Category 3 water after 48 hours due to bacteria and mold growth.

Category 3: Black Water Damage

This category is one of the most hazardous out of the three because its primary source is sewage – human and animal waste. Black water may also contain chemicals, ground debris, and a variety of organisms that may cause disease. If ingested black water can cause debilitating illness and even death. Black water clean up should always be left to professionals. Flooding from rivers, streams and other natural water disasters may cause black water to enter your home or business. It may also happen when sewage back up occurs.

The best way to handle black water is to never enter a room/structure that has been contaminated with a Category 3. Call MBG Solutions, Inc., to safely and effectively extract the hazardous floodwater and begin full remediation of the structure. Because not all water is the same MBG Solutions, Inc., experts are trained in a variety of services to help restore your home quickly and safely.

Water extraction

Sewage cleanup

Structural drying

Floor drying (wood, carpet, vinyl, tile and many more)

Content drying

Content storage

Carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning

Antimicrobial treatment

Mold remediation

MBG Solutions, Inc., has the experience and proper tools to handle all categories of water damage.

Safety Tip: The most important thing to remember is that standing water breeds bacteria, the longer the water is around, the worse the contamination of your property. Preventing water damage is an important part of home maintenance, but if you know the basics of what to do if it happens, you can prevent it from doing its worst.

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