Thinking about worst case scenarios is not the most pleasant pastime, but planning ahead can ensure that you and your loved ones make it to safety and avoid tremendous loss. Fire safety is all about planning, below check out our tips for a solid fire safety plan.



A fire safety plan should ensure that each family member is able to get to a safe and secure location away from the fire in as fast a time as possible. You and your family should have at least two escape routes to use in case of an emergency. Fires can happen in the middle of the night with little time to coordinate escapes. Practice fire drills by testing your smoke alarms; escape routes and knowing your escape time. Preparation will help you stay calm during an emergency, which can be the difference between life and death.

DOCUMENTS: What should you save?

  • Social Security cards
  • Birth certificates
  • Medical records
  • Marriage records
  • Passports
  • Car and home titles
  • Family photos (can also help search parties in case one of your loved ones becomes separated)
  • Pet immunizations

Keep these items near an exit in an easy to access location that is known to all family members. You can store your things in a binder or a bag. Keep in mind that you may not have enough time to reach your valuables during an evacuation. There are fire storage solutions such as a fire safe to keep your valuables safe in case they have to withstand a fire. You can also keep digital scans of your most important files on a cloud or easily accessible external drive.

Fire Safety & PETS

Each pet should have their own carrier and a “go bag” with everything they’ll need during an evacuation. Replace perishable contents such as food, water and medications every six months. Keep these bags and carriers near the entrance of your home for easy access. Shelters often require immunizations records so be sure to keep those in the bag as well.

  • Keep collars on your pets at all times and leave leashes or carriers near the door so that fire responders can get to them quickly.
  • Alert firefighters to pets with window stickers that display the number and types of pets inside. The ASPCA can provide your home with stickers at no charge.
  • Pets can sense stress so having a plan of action and staying calm will play a big role in keeping your pets calm as well.


Remember that fires can spread and move quickly so getting yourself and your loved ones to safety is the number one priority during an emergency. Evacuations can often require a fast paced approach and can come with little to no warning. The ideal scenario would include all of your valuables and belongings, but unfortunately that is not always the case. Plan and prepare, but be ready to change the plan if need be, because your physical safety holds more value than anything else you own. Take care of your family and let MBG Solutions take care of your home. Once it is safe to return contact our 24/7 emergency lines and let our team of experts handle the rest.

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